How to Root Motorola Moto E3 Power Using SuperSU

This guide will show you how to root Moto E3 Power using

Hello Guys, If you are searching for a way to root Moto E3 Power then this guide is for you. We have been covering the Moto E3 power development to keep you up to date. Moto E3 Power is a great budget device with an excellent battery and you can use it maximum by rooting Moto E3 Power.

You can get a stock Android experience using the Moto E3 Power, but you can try different custom ROMs on Moto E3 Power. You can even try Lineage OS for Moto E3 Power, and all you need to do is to root Moto E3 Power.

Root Moto E3 Power

How to root Moto E3 Power

We have covered a detailed guide on “Everything you need to know about rooting and unlocking the bootloader of moto E3 Power“. If you are having any second thoughts about rooting Moto E3 Power then I advise you to have a look at the article.

We all know that “Rooting Voids Warranty of your device”. If you are worried about it then don’t as you can unroot Moto E3 Power easily.

Disclaimer: The guide is for experimental purposes only. We have tested the guide and it is working correctly. We are not responsible for bricked devices and damaged SD Cards. Make sure that you follow each and every step carefully to root Moto E3 Power.

Pre requisites to Root Moto E3 Power:

You need to follow a few prerequisites before you root Moto E3 Power. We strictly advise you to have a look at them before you start rooting Moto E3 Power.

Unlocking bootloader allows users to modify system files and you can’t root certain devices without unlocking the bootloader. In case if you are wondering why do I need a custom recovery on Moto E3 Power?

Custom Recovery helps to flash certain files onto our devices which can’t be done without them. We need to flash some files to gain root access on Moto E3 Power.

If you are reading this, then you have read the prerequisites too. If not do read them. After rooting you can install custom ROMs, Xposed framework etc. to tweak your device. So let’s see how to root Moto e3 power easily.

How to Root Moto E3 Power Without Data Loss:

  1. Connect your Moto E3 Power using USB cable to a PC.
  2. Download the necessary files mentioned above and move them to the device.
  3. Turn off your Moto E3 Power.
  4. Now turn on the device holding Power + Volume Up. Navigate to Recovery Mode using volume keys and select it using power key.
  5. Backup your current ROM within the recovery before rooting Moto E3 Power. If things go south then we can simply recover the backup.
  6. Next, Select Install and browse for the file you have copied earlier.
  7. Swipe to flash the file.
  8. After flashing the file, we recommend wiping Dalvik & cache. Reboot your Moto E3 Power.

That’s it you have successfully completed the process to root Moto E3 Power by following our guide on How to Root Moto E3 Power using SuperSu. You can even check the root status by downloading any “root checker” application.

If you are facing any issues while following this procedure to root Moto E3 Power, Then do leave a comment below. Do share the article and keep visiting for more updates on Moto E3 Power.

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